Unique fully on-chain collection
of 8888 pieces of algorithmic art

Chapter I: Genesis

It is fascinating and almost unbelievable how very complex and detailed structures are emerging from chaos following very simple set of rules: how self-replicating organisms arise in Conway's Game of Life, how living creatures develop from a description in a simple 4-letter alphabet of DNA, and how the Universe itself started from singularity and a handful of fundamental laws of nature. Fractano is created to spread the word about such quirk of reality by capturing some of uncountable number of magnificient places on a fractal and transforming them into a piece of art using a custom algorithm

Fully on-chain

Every CNFT contains code that generates the image in the browser. It is protected by the blockchain itself and doesn't rely on safety of an image file stored on a distributed filesystem like IPFS


Fractano is one of the very few on-chain generative collections, and the first one which combines complexity of forms, scale and artistic touch in each piece. But not only the collection itself, each one of fractanos is unique too!


Minting policy is time-locked, which means that after some period of time it would be impossible to mint new NFTs or change existing ones in any way! And did we mention, that it is fully on-chain?


There will be only 4 chapters, 2222 fractanos in each, that's it


Fractanos come in 9 color palettes and 9 depth levels, some of which are very rare!


We believe in power of community, this is why we making Fractano more than just collectibles and starting to build an engaging platform right from the start
Click any fractano below to see how it will be rendered by on-chain code


Minting Chapter I: Genesis
Crypto donation to a charity of community choice
Explore section on a website for all minted fractanos
Cardano based game
Nov. 2021 Chapter II: Larva
Crypto donation to a charity of community choice
Integration with Nami wallet
Q4 2021 Chapter III: Chrysalis
Crypto donation to a charity of community choice
Exclusive AI mutated fractanos for fractanauts
Q1 2022 Chapter IV: Moth
Crypto donation to a charity of community choice
Smart contract marketplace


art & dev
community & marketing
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